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- a new global assay for blood clotting monitoring and anticoagulant control.



Our company was founded in April 2010 with the purpose of realization of the project for development, manufacture and implementation into the clinical practice of a new unique medical device for laboratory diagnostics of the blood coagulation system. But up to that moment we had already made a long way: our project arose from fundamental science; it is based on long-term scientific research.

Everything started from scientific interest to the organization of the blood coagulation system in the human body. In 1994, an article expressing the supposal about the auto-oscillating character of the blood coagulation system was published; this can be considered the moment of birth of our project. From 1994, fundamental research and a series of research and clinical experiments were conducted; several publications in Russian and international scientific reviews were made.

The result of all this work is the new method of diagnostics of defects of the blood coagulation system, the Thrombodynamics method. This method allows making an estimation of different stages of blood coagulation and to diagnose at early stages the hyper- (leading to thromboses, infarctions and cerebrovascular accidents) and hypo-coagulability (often related to haemophilia). No other method in the world is able to reveal these coagulation defects.

In 2010, the project obtained an official name, «Development of a new method of diagnostics of blood coagulation system disorders», and was listed under the number 687 at RUSNANO. Today we are in the middle of our road. We have under our belt 18 years of scientific research, publications in leading international reviews, search for partners, negotiations with investors, long legal and financial work for project preparation, long-expected receipt of financing, creation of the commercial version of the device, receipt of authorization documentation, start of manufacture and sales.

We have great plans for the future and we are sure to realize them. Within one company, we have gathered together a unique team of experts: among them are physicists and chemists, mathematicians and programmers, design engineers, biologists and doctors, managers, lawyers, and financiers. We all work at one task: we implement a device which will be manufacturable in serial production, easy-to-use for laboratory assistants, and at most comprehensible and informative for doctors.

In order to prove to the sceptics the accuracy of the diagnose obtained as a result of the analysis, we execute multicenter clinical investigations; while when prescribing a treatment, the doctor has to be 100% sure of our analysis, as people’s lives depend on it.

We put into practice the results of long-term fundamental scientific work creating a new diagnostic analysis for prediction of thromboses; it will save millions of people from infarctions and cerebrovascular accidents!