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- a new global assay for blood clotting monitoring and anticoagulant control.



VEB Innovations Fund invested 60 million rubles into HemaCore Labs

HNOVEMBER 25, 2014 Company news
VEB Innovations Fund invested 60 million rubles into HemaCore Labs. The transaction was completed in November 2014. The investments are destined for development, clinical testing, and market launch of Thrombodynamics-4D, a new generation of the Thrombodynamics assay.

Research team of HemaCore took part in the International symposium in The Hague

HMAY 29, 2014 Company news
On May 15-17, the XXVIIth International Symposium on Technological Innovations in Laboratory Hematology took place in Netherlands. It was organized by the International Society for Laboratory Hematology (ISLH). A research team with participants from HemaCore presented a report on results of development of a protein inhibitor playing an important role in global hemostasis tests and for the anti-thrombotic therapy.

Thrombodynamics included into the Guidelines for Perioperative Management of Antithrombotic therapy of the FAR, Russia (Federation of anesthesiologists and reanimatologists)

HJANUARY 13, 2014 Company news

The all-Russian non-governmental organization «Federation of anesthesiologists and reanimatologists» approved the Guidelines for Perioperative Management of Patients who are Receiving Antithrombotic therapy; the Thrombodynamics assay was included thereto!

HemaCore obtains new financing: RUSNANO has credited the project

HDECEMBER 27, 2013 Company news

On December 16, 2013, HemaCore and the co-investors concluded a transaction which made the company obtain the credit. According to the effective investment contract, the final stage of HemaCore financing is represented by a loan in the amount of 95 million rubles. Several previous stages of financing, the first of which had started on October 14, 2010, were represented by contributions to the registered capital of HemaCore allowing the company to terminate the development and investigation of a new medical diagnostic test as well as to set manufacturing of devices and consumables. The loan obtained recently will allow HemaCore to terminate the scheduled clinical investigations under the project and to enter the European market.

Medical design technology magazine: «The Story of Design: Thrombodynamics Analyser T2»

HNOVEMBER 26, 2013 Media

Launching a new medical device can be a daunting task for any company, especially for a young startup. Innovators are becoming increasingly aware of the gaps and missing links in their knowledge for entering today's highly competitive markets. To fill up these gaps in know-how, they seek to enlist the help of experienced professionals for lifting off the all-important first project and securing its serial production stage. Here is the story behind one such successful international collaboration that went onto win the Red Dot Product Design Award 2013». Read more…

HemaCore invites you to visit the 23rd international exhibition «Zdravookhraneniye'2013»!

HNOVEMBER 21, 2013 Company news

You will have an opportunity to ask your questions directly to the company executives and leading specialists at our exhibition stand in the «Laboratory medicine» hall!

Claude Negrier, leading expert in hematology, doctor and researcher, met with the team of HemaCore!

HOCTOBER 16, 2013 Company news

Professor Negrier shared the results of his investigations of the use of Thrombodynamics in patients with hemophilia, and accepted our proposal to join the clinical advisory board of HemaCore LLC.

Resume of the special symposium HemaCore: «Complex approach to therapy with anticoagulants: clinical practice and laboratory control»

HOCTOBER 08, 2013 Company news

Last week, our regular event, a symposium dedicated to the urgent issues of hemostasis diagnostics, took place within the frame of the exhibition «Interlabdiagnostics – 2013». The leading authorities in the domain were presiding and speaking at our symposium. The anticoagulant therapy was the key topic of the event.

Educational course for physicians and laboratory specialists

HOCTOBER 08, 2013 Company news

The program is dedicated to the medical specialists and laboratory doctors; it consists of the general theoretical course of lectures and of clinical workshops oriented to different groups of students.