Research team of HemaCore took part in the International symposium in The Hague



- a new global assay for blood clotting monitoring and anticoagulant control.


The research team of HemaCore is involved in active research activities being a regular participant of different events, including those conducted abroad.

On May 16, during the XXVIIth International Symposium on Technological Innovations in Laboratory Hematology (ISLH 2014) in The Hague, Netherlands, our colleague Vladimir Kolyadko made his oral presentation dedicated to development of a new selective inhibitor of the coagulation factor XIIa based on infestin-4. This inhibitor prevents appearance of the contact activation artefacts created during preparation and storage of a plasma sample, and does not influence the dynamics of coagulation according to the tissue factor pathway. The use of such inhibitor allows considerable improvement of sensitivity of the global hemostasis tests; the inhibitor is a prospective means of safe antithrombotic therapy.