VEB Innovations Fund invested 60 million rubles into HemaCore Labs



- a new global assay for blood clotting monitoring and anticoagulant control.


VEB Innovations Fund invested 60 million rubles into HemaCore Labs. The transaction was completed in November 2014. The investments are destined for development, clinical testing, and market launch of Thrombodynamics-4D, a new generation of the Thrombodynamics assay.

Early diagnostics of coagulation disorders nowadays is essential for prevention of bleedings and thrombosis being one of the major causes of death in the developed countries. The new generation of the Thrombodynamics-4D test will be sensitive to disorders both of platelet and plasma hemostasis observed in patients suffering from hematological, cardiovascular, or oncological diseases and injuries or in patients after surgery. Thus, the test can be used not only for control of any type of anticoagulation therapy or of replacement therapy with coagulation factors but also for control of antiplatelet drug therapy.

According to Igor Pivovarov, HemaCore CEO, "New investments and the arrival of a new investor into the project provide the best proof of our company's potential and give a positive evaluation to the work of the whole team. Thanks to new financing, we will be able to develop the second generation of the Thrombodynamics assay meeting the requirements that the clinicians specify for the sensitive platelet hemostasis tests, and to implement it in clinic".

A. Nenakhova, Investment manager of the VEB Innovations Fund, comments: "The actual coagulology market in Russia including the segments of equipment, consumables and reagents for diagnostics of blood coagulation disorders, has a high potential: according to the experts, the growth thereof depending on the grade of government support activity can reach about 30-35%. At that, the market shows tendencies determining the relevance of HemaCore Labs project developments, including growth of the number of patients in Russia in need of quality diagnostics of blood coagulation, growth of demand for new reagents providing more accurate analysis, replacement of manual diagnostics methods with the automated ones. We believe that these factors as well as the professional competence of the project team that we are happy to join will promote the successful development thereof".

The diagnostics of plasma hemostasis by the method of Thrombodynamics was implemented in equipment and consumables manufactured by HemaCore and sold in Russia from November 2012. In 2013, Thrombodynamics was included into the clinical recommendations of the Federation of anesthesiologists and resuscitation specialists. In 2014, the company started selling their products in Europe; it collaborates with distributors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, and Great Britain.


The method "Thrombodynamics-4D" is based on imitation of the process of clot formation most closely resembling the physiological condition. The device reproduces the model of clot injury and registers all stages of growth of the platelet-fibrin clot.

By now, several laboratory samples of the device have been created; the results of the first preclinical trials have been obtained and published. The new investments will give HemaCore Labs a possibility to complete the development of the commercial version of the device, to conduct clinical trials, to develop recommendations for use in different coagulation pathologies and to start implementing "Thrombodynamics-4D" into the clinical practice.

HemaCore Labs LLC is a company participating in the biomedical cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation, created in 2012 as an affiliated company of HemaCore LLC. HemaCore Labs realizes scientific and clinical research in the domain of blood coagulation.

HemaCore LLC is a biotechnological company developing and manufacturing laboratory equipment for diagnostics of hemostasis. It was founded in April 2010 with the aim to implement the project "Development of a new method of diagnostics of blood coagulation system disorders, Thrombodynamics". The investors of HemaCore are RUSNANO JSC and Sberbank Kapital LLC.

Thrombodynamics is a global test for early diagnostics of coagulation system disorders, detection of risks of bleedings and clot formation.
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VEB Innovations Fund was founded by Vnesheconombank to invest in high technology projects of the Skolkovo Foundation. Key strategic goals of the Fund include support of the Russian government innovation programs, creation of innovation infrastructure in Russia, facilitation of attraction to Russia of advanced foreign technologies, and promotion of Russian innovations on the global market.
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Skolkovo Foundation, Fund for development of the center for elaboration and commercialization of new technologies "Skolkovo", is a non-profit organization created at the initiative of the Russian President in September 2010 . The aim of the Foundation is mobilization of Russia's resources in the field of modern applied research, creation of a favorable environment for the implementation of scientific developments in five priority areas of technologic development, such as power economy and energy efficiency, space, biomedicine, nuclear and computer technologies.
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RUSNANO JSC was founded in March 2011 through reorganization of the state corporation "Russian nanotechnology corporation". RUSNANO implements state policy for the development of the nanoindustry acting as a co-investor in high-tech projects.
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